For State Licensing Boards

flight paramedics loading patient

Why is accreditation important?

Accreditation is one of the key benchmarks for measuring quality. Valid accreditation is key to assuring the general public that the critical care paramedic is competent and current.

Why use the FP-C® & CCP-C® exam process as your state's exam?

  • A validated exam process that tests knowledge, not the teaching of a single program.
  • No cost to the state for creating and maintaining an exam process.
  • No burden to the state to create and defend a critical care exam.
  • 4-year certification renewable through continuing education or retesting.

How will you license critical care paramedics in your state?

How to recognize "critical care paramedics" is a hot topic. Determining how your State will validate that "a paramedic with additional training" meets the threshold the public expects for a critical care paramedic will become an important factor as more and more ambulance providers start advertising and billing that they operate with "Critical Care Paramedics".

The Certified Critical Care Paramedic Exam process is the only nationally recognized method to validate the knowledge of paramedics functioning in a critical care environment. Partnering with Applied Measurement Professionals, a leader in test validation and psychometric analysis, we use methods such as those detailed in the Standards for Educational and Psychological testing by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurements in Education, which provide the research framework that is used as a basis for validity of certification.

The methodology used meets current professional and government standards to assure the defensibility of the exam, as well as meet or exceed the standards of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).