Medical Transportation Safety Professionals (MTSP-C)

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The MTSP-C Examination

Candidates must have a knowledge base that encompasses all aspects safety management and risk mitigation across the entire enterprise of medical transportation - with special emphasis on safety management systems, patient safety, aviation/vehicle operational safety, and workplace safety and industry accreditation standards.

This certification examination evaluates the candidate on the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the Safety Officer role of transport programs, as well as to improve all team members understanding of safety management systems. The target audience for the Certified Medical Transportation Safety Professional (MTSP-C) exam certification is limited to any graduate of the Association of Air Medical Services' Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA).

For additional questions related to qualifying for a certification examination, please contact the IBSC at +1 (770) 978-4400 or via

Click here for the MTSP-C Recertfication Guidelines