Verify Certifications

Employers are encouraged to confirm and validate the professional credentials of staff and new hires.

The IBSC is very serious about its goal of public protection and would like to ask your help in achieving this goal. All incidents of misconduct, misrepresentation, noncompliance, fraud, and/or improper conduct unbecoming the certificant are considered to be serious ethical issues and could result in disciplinary action by the Board, up to and including, revocation of all IBSC credentials. Often times, the only way that we discover these issues is when we see a news item or an informal notification by some other party. In an attempt to identify 100% of violations, we ask that when State EMS offices, individual agencies/program or if you are aware of any action against a state licensee and that if that provider holds an IBSC specialty certification, we would like be simultaneously notified of the action so we may take appropriate action in accordance with our policies. Individuals cannot practice without a state issued license, however the IBSC have policies in place to allow us to take action against an individual certificant based on a state's disciplinary action that implicates the individual's ongoing ability and likelihood to practice professionally and safely. We would like to be notified so that we may take action in a timely manner. You can confirm that an individual holds an IBSC certification by checking our website at VERIFY.

To assist you with the verification of an employee's or an applicant's IBSC certification(s), you can use the search option below. New certificant listings are available approximately 3 weeks after testing.

Note: The most efficient way to verify credentials is via VERIFY. Alternatively you can direct the employee or applicant to provide credentialing documents within their own account.

If you are unsure or believe that someone may be misrepreseting their certification, please email
Verification of Certification
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