Designated Infection Control Officers

The DICO-C Examination

DICO-C logoThe Certified Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO-C) examination was developed in partnership with the National Association of Public Safety Infection Control Officers (NAPSICO). The DICO-C examination candidate is an experienced Emergency Responder associated with law enforcement, an emergency medical service, or other healthcare provider who possess a specialized level knowledge for patient and employee centric care, interdisciplinary collaboration, disease transmission, as well as preventative care, immunizations, and employee education.

The DICO-C certification examination consists of 100 scored items and 25 unscored items. The candidate is provided 2.5 hours to complete the examination. This certification examination is not meant to test entry-level knowledge, but rather to validate competency of those Emergency Responders providing services in infection control management, disease transmission, vaccines, and immunizations.

Candidates must understand the laws applicable to infection control, exposure control plans, the risks for disease transmission, vaccines, immunizations, and post-exposure care unique to the role of the Infection Control Officer.

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