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The CP-C Examination

Community Paramedicine is an emerging healthcare delivery model that increases access to basic services by utilizing specially trained emergency medical service (EMS) providers in an expanded role. Community Paramedics care for patients at home or in other non-urgent settings outside of a hospital under the supervision of a physician or advanced practice provider. Community Paramedics can expand the reach of primary care and public health services by using EMS personnel to perform patient assessments.

Over the past decade, local healthcare gaps around the U.S. and internationally have been filled through Community Paramedic programs that use EMS personnel to fill gaps in the healthcare system, particularly in round-the-clock management of non-acute illnesses, mental health issues, and chronic care follow-up needs. The Community Paramedic is ideally suited to provide better care for the community through non-emergency interaction with patients in the community, integration and coordination with a variety of needed services and improved patient navigation. Community Paramedic services will help reduce unnecessary trips to the emergency department, reduce readmission to the hospital, improve the patient's quality of life and decrease overall healthcare costs.

Community Paramedic Exam Candidates

The expectation for the CP-C exam candidate is competency in mobile integrated healthcare and expanded EMS services in rural and urban settings, including various healthcare, mental health, and housing and social service needs. This examination is not meant to test entry-level knowledge, but rather to validate competency of those paramedics providing services beyond the roles of traditional emergency care and transport.

Community Paramedic Certification Renewal Information

For the first recertification cycle, certifications expiring before 30 January 2021, are only renewable through examination. IBSC Medical Directors, Dr. John Cole & Dr. Michael Wilcox determined that because of the rapid growth in this specialty area and the dynamic nature of the exam material combined with the lack of CP-C continuing education widely available, validating a certificant's competency in community paramedicine can only be accomplished through an examination process.

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