IBSC® Approved Recertification Review Program Guidelines and Application

Obtaining and maintaining a credential from the IBSC/BCCTPC is important to individuals, employers and the public. Because of the way that the Board elected to create the recertification process, the cornerstone has always been the 16-hour approved refresher. We believed that this was important for a variety of reasons, but most importantly that we could guarantee that at least a portion of the candidate’s continuing education was focused on the certification they hold and be up-to-date. It is important that educators continue to provide high-quality and accessible approved review programs

All candidates renewing their FP-C®, CCP-C® or CP-C® or WP-C® or TP-C® are required to have a minimum of 16 hours of CE from a IBSC Approved Review Course List.

To better serve the candidate who is recertifying, or in some case who is a first-time applicant who is looking for review material prior to sitting for the exam, we are committed to improving the link between the educators and the candidates.


In the past, we have allowed approved programs to remain on the active list indefinitely with updates being accepted on an honor system from the programs which has resulted in candidates being unable to have the most up-to-date information about approved review programs. Additionally, the new process will allow the IBSC/BCCTPC to ensure that the material and instructors are current.


Click here for instructions for applying for an Approved Review Course.


Educational programs will have to update their profiles every 24-months and submit the following updated information:

  1. Updated Instructor CVs
  2. Current course outlines per exam
  3. List of reference materials used in conjunction with the class
  4. Calendar of review courses offered in the previous 24 months
  5. Calendar of upcoming scheduled review courses for at least the coming 6 months
  6. Fill out the Approved Review Course Application.
  7. Submit the Application and the documents listed above to Ashley Roy. You will receive notice of approval by email within 3 weeks


    Detailed Content Outlines can be found here

    The review outline that is submitted for your program should include adequate coverage of salient topics for the detailed content outlines. The IBSC®/BCCTPC® does not dictate the specific categories or hours to a subject area. The content and hours should instead cover a broad subject matter of the specialty environment.