Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C®)

Critical Care Certification (CCP-C®)

Q: What is the purpose of Specialty Certifications
A: Specialty Certifications is a voluntary credentialing process designed to validate essential knowledge and judgment required for safe and competent practice. IBSC certifications provide designations to paramedic professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential to critical care paramedics.

Q: After I register for the Computer-based (CBT) Exam, how soon can I test?
A: Once you register online, allow 3-5 business days to receive your testing ID number. This number will be sent to you via email, along with information to schedule your exam. The IBSC has no control over testing center availability.

Q: Where do I send a copy of my paramedic license?
A: Upload a copy of your paramedic license each time you register for an exam. A testing ID number will not be emailed to you until a copy of your license has been uploaded to your online account. An automated email will not be sent to you until this requirement is fulfilled. A testing ID number will not be emailed until a copy of your license has been uploaded in your online account.

Q: How do I know if there is a testing center near me?
A: There are over 800 testing centers located throughout the US with at least one testing center in every state, and nearly 100 international testing sites. Click here to view a list of testing centers.

Q: How much does it cost to take the exams?


FP-C®, and CCP-C® Exam Fees

Paper/Pencil or IBSC-MED (Onsite)
  • $285 (Affiliate Membership)
  • $385 (non-members)
Computer-Based (CBT)
  • $285 (Affiliate Membership)
  • $385 (non-members)

Exam fees do not expire and are non-refundable.

  • Recertify by CE
    • $285 (Affiliate Membersship)
    • $385 (non-members)
    • $125 late processing fee applies to all renewals received less than 30 days from expiration date.
  • Recertify by Exam

      FP-C®, and CCP-C® Exam Fees

      Paper/Pencil or IBSC-MED (Onsite)
      • $285 (Affiliate Membership)
      • $385 (non-members)
    Computer-Based (CBT)
    • $285 (Affiliate Membership)
    • $385 (non-members)
  • Q: Where can I find an outline for the FP-C and/or CCP-C exams?
    A: A preparatory outline is posted under EXAM PREPARATION on this website, and also listed on the IAFCCP website.

    Q. Is there an official FP-C and/or CCP-C review course designation?
    A. The IBSC posts the FP-C/CCP-C review courses on this website. See IBSC Approved Review Courses.

    Q. How do I get my course listed as an Approved Review Course?
    A. The IBSC posts the FP-C/CCP-C exam outline of major subjects and submission guidelines on this website. See IBSC Approved Review Course Guidelines.

    Q. Does the CCEMTP curriculum adequately prepare candidates for the FP-C and CCP-C exams?
    A. The CCEMTP course is a great course for paramedics transitioning from a 911 system to a critical care environment. However, it is recommended that exam candidates also have at least 3 years experience working as a critical care paramedic.

    Q: Does the IBSC offer a flight or critical care paramedic course to prepare me for the exam?
    A: No. The IBSC offers valid testing, and therefore cannot conduct or endorse any exam preparation course.

    Q: What are the requirements to sit for the FP-C and/or CCP-C Exam?
    A: Candidates are required to provide proof of a valid, state or national paramedic license. However, the exams focus on the knowledge level of accomplished, experienced critical care paramedics. It is recommended that candidates have at least 3 years experience in a busy ALS system and maintain a significant knowledge of current ACLS, PALS, Neonatal Resuscitation, and ITLS/PHTLS standards. Click here for a complete list of EXAM REQUIREMENTS.

    Q: How do I know what material is covered on the exams?
    A: Download the Candidate Handbook and review the Detailed Content Outline, also known as the Blueprint. The Candidate Handbook is available on this website in the Related Links section.

    Q: What textbooks should I study from?
    A: There are several textbooks available. Following are a few good resources: Air & Surface Patient Transport: Principles & Practice, Critical Care Transport, Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management.

    Q: What is the difference between CCEMTP and CCP-C?
    A: The CCEMTP course, created by UMBC, provides the basic educational foundation required for specialists transporting critical care patients. Students are issued a CCEMTP certificate of course completion. The FP-C and CCP-C are specialty certification examinations that provide a valid certifying credential for flight and critical care paramedics. The majority of air ambulance programs require FP-C. CAMTS guidelines strongly recommend both the FP-C and CCP-C.

    Q: If I am certified as an FP-C, does this allow for reciprocity to CCP-C? Or CCP-C to FP-C?
    A: The CCP-C and FP-C certifications represent different specialty certifications. The CCP- C Exam is geared toward the ground critical care medic that may be working in an ER or in an ambulance. The FP-C Exam includes questions related to flight physiology. For a more detailed look at the detailed content outline, please download a copy of the Candidate Handbook. You may use the same CE to recertify both certifications.

    Q: According to your guidelines for CE Recertification, I need to take a 16-hour review course from an approved provider. Do you have a list of approved review courses?
    A: Yes. The list is on our website under RECERTIFICATION. Click here for list.

    Q: How soon before my certification expires do I need to certify?
    A: If recertifying thru CE, documentation can be uploaded throughout the four year certification period. It is recommended that you complete the recertification process at least 45 days and no more than four months prior to certification date. A $125 processing fee will be applied if CE documentation is submitted less than 30 days prior to certification expiration date. You can upload your CE documents by logging into your Account. If recertifying by examination, you must test before your certification expiration date.

    Q: How do I recertify if my certification is expired?
    A: You must recertify thru testing.

    Q: What is the minimum passing score for the CBT?
    A: This depends on the version of the exam, the passing score is determined by an Angoff cut score study for each version of the exam. It ranges around the 75% mark.

    Q: Does the exam use current American Heart Association standards?
    A: Yes. Candidates are expected to maintain a significant knowledge of current ACLS, PALS, NRP, and ITLS/PHTLS standards.

    Q: What version of the CAMTS Standards are used for the exam?
    A: The CAMTS questions are updated as new standards are released. Current exam questions draw on the 10th Edition Standards

    Q: How often is the exam updated?
    A: The exams are constantly updated with questions and content, but all exam forms meet the same examination construction standards. The domain of knowledge for each certification is evaluated every 3 - 5 years.

    Q: How soon after testing will I receive my results?
    A: If you take the CBT, you will receive your results immediately upon completing the exam. Results for the paper/pencil exam version take 4-6 weeks.

    Q: Will I know my exact score?
    A: No. Exam results are reported pass/fail. If you did not pass the exam, you will receive an examination report indicating subject areas of relative strength and weakness. Complete details can be found here.

    Q: How long does it take to receive credentials after passing the exam?
    A: Credentials are mailed from the IBSC office within three to six weeks of testing. The IBSC office will send you a wallet card, certificate, pin and a patch.

    Q: What if I don't meet the requirements to recertify by CE?
    A: To re-certify, you will need to test.

    Q: Who is eligible to sit for the exam?
    A: Anyone with a valid paramedic license is eligible. However, the certification process is focused on the knowledge level of accomplished, experienced paramedics currently associated with flight and/or critical care transport teams. Candidates are expected to maintain a significant knowledge of current ACLS, PALS, NRP, and ITLS/PHTLS standards.

    Q: What if I need to cancel my test date?
    A: Registration cancellations received by the IBSC Office greater than 30 days prior to the confirmed testing date, you can request a full refund. Within 30 days of the testing, a $100 service fee will be charged. For complete cancellation information, please see the Candidate Handbook.

    Q: Can I switch the type of exam I registered for?
    A: Changes can be made. However, a $100 change fee will be applied each time.

    Q: How do I register to take the FP-C or CCP-C Exam?
    A: Online registration is available for paper/pencil, and computer-based and WEB International exams.

    Q: Do I need to register again in order to retest?
    A: Yes. You may register online to retest for a date that is 30 days after your last testing date. Full registration fees apply. You may start the registration process on the 24th day of the 30 day cycle, allowing 6 days to confirm eligibilty and receive scheduling instructions allowing you to schedule a testing date on the 30th day after the previous exam.

    Q: If I pass the exam, for how long will the certification be valid?
    A: All IBSC certifications are for a four-year certification. Certification renewal options include testing or renewal through continuing education.

    Q: If I fail the exam, how many times can I retest?
    A: The candidate may attempt the same examination a total of three (3) times, using the thirty (30) calendar day rule. For additional information see our Retesting Policy:

    Q: How many times can a person renew their certification via CEs?
    A: There is no limit to the number of times, as long as the certification is not expired.