CP-C Recertification

CP-C Recertification
For the first recertification cycle, certifications expiring before 30 January, 2021 are only renewable through examination. IBSC Medical Directors, John Cole, M.D. and Michael Wilcox, M.D. in conjunction with the initial Subject Matter Expert (SME) group, based this decision on the following facts:

  • The rapid growth in this specialty area.
  • The dynamic nature of the examination material.
  • The lack of widely available CP-C continuing education program or outline.

  • Currently, certification can only be maintained by completing the examination process.

    Detailed Content Outline or Exam Blueprint

    1. Continuing Education (CE) should have a clear and direct application to the practice of medicine in the area of specialty.
    2. The Detailed Content Outline or exam blueprint is what the item writers follow when creating examination questions. This document can be found at: http://www.ibscertifications.org/resource/pdf/BCCTPC%20CP-C%20Outline.pdf.

    Review Material/Item Writing References

    • Community Health Paramedicine First Edition, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
    • Wilkinson and Treas Skills Checklists on Physical Assessment through the Lifespan
    • Bates Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 10th Edition
    • Community/Public Health Nursing - 6th Edition - Elsevier

    Item Writing

    • Item writing for professional usage such as a publication is acceptable for FP-C® Renewal.
    • Item writing for professional examinations such as the FP-C®/ CCP-C®, CFRN®, or CCEMTP is acceptable for FP-C®/ CCP-C® Renewal.
    • Each item will be considered .5 contact hours and will apply to either CLINICAL or OPERATIONAL dependent upon content

    FP-C® , CCP-C® and TP-C® Renewal Audit

    For additional information please review the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at help@bcctpc.org