Certified Tactical Responder (TR-C) Recertification

The Certified Tactical Responder (TR-C) certification was launched in March 2018.

  1. Current EMR certification or higher.
  2. Demonstrate a minimum of 16 hours of tactical casualty care education consistent with current TCCC/TECC guidelines that are state or provincial or CAPCE approved.
  3. Medical Director Competencies (CANADA)
  4. If not currently certified at the minimum EMR level, the candidate must submit 3 items:
  5. A. A letter requesting an exception from IBSC policy that the candidate does not hold current EMR or higher licensure but has a medical role on the tactical team.

    B. A letter from the TEMS medical director endorsing their request for continued TR-C certification.


    C. A letter outlining 32 hours of continuing medical education appropriate to the candidates skill level that has been accomplished in the prior 4 years.